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Tax matters

As the leading provider of audit services to the public sector, we have an extensive knowledge of sector tax issues. These documents provide guidance and information on selected tax matters.

Tax treatment of payments for hurt and humiliation

The document discusses the tax treatment of payments for hurt and humiliation made to employees or former employees.

Tax treatment of eye care payments

The document discusses the tax treatment of eye care payments made to office staff (e.g. reimbursements for new spectacles).

GST treatment of land sales and purchases

The document discusses the GST treatment of land sales and purchases, and the common errors in relation to accounting for GST on these transactions.

Deferred tax implications of the removal of differential reporting

This paper explains the deferred tax implications of moving from the differential reporting framework to the new accounting standards framework for public benefit entities and for-profit entities. For some entities, the transition to the new framework will have a significant impact on their financial statements, and will require the recognition of large deferred tax liabilities. This item includes a worked example of deferred tax calculations on the transition from differential reporting to the reduced disclosures regime.

Tax calculation and disclosure example

This paper provides a worked example of tax calculations and disclosures prepared in accordance with NZ IAS 12.

Deferred tax calculation guidelines

This paper explains the calculation of deferred tax, including the adjustments required for buildings and investment properties.

Accounting for tax loss transfers

This paper explains the accounting treatment of tax loss transfer arrangements in the annual financial statements.

Please contact our Tax Director, Jason Biggins, if you have any questions regarding these items.

Page last updated: 23 June 2017