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Video transcript: Sam Zhang

Transcript for a video featuring Intermediate Auditor Sam Zhang talking about the training and support he receives at Audit New Zealand.

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Sam Zhang (Intermediate Auditor):

At Audit New Zealand there is a very comprehensive training system in place. And I remember I started with Audit New Zealand as a new grad, and before we go into the first job there was induction week. And during this induction week, we get to meet the people starting in the same year so we get to know each other a bit better because we will be working together as a team and also we touched on auditing methodology so when we go into the first client we will have a good idea about what are we going to do.

When we go in to do audits in the public sector, we're not just focusing on their profit or loss statements or balance sheets. We also look at how well they spend the taxpayers', rate payers' money.

In the case of a district council or city council, we look at how well they maintain the roads, how clean the drinking water is or how long do they take to issue building consents. These things have impact on our daily life.

At a more personal level, Audit New Zealand offers great self-development opportunities.

I'm from the Palmerston North office, and due to our geographical location we cover quite a large area from New Plymouth to Whanganui, all the way to Hastings and Napier. Because of that, we get to see a lot of different clients. For example, from polytechs, universities, district councils, city councils, energy companies and licensing trusts. Because of the variety of our clients, I get to learn many different things from them – different accounting issues and different audit procedures and also we get to travel a lot.

There are many things I like about this job but I guess one of them is the human element. Because we work in a team, you get to learn from different people – it doesn't matter if they're your junior or more senior – you can always learn from others.

We are in a very unique position to influence. That means we have a well-trusted public sector and this is exactly what we are working towards. We improve the public's trust in the public sector.

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