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Video transcript: Rosanne Schutz

Transcript for a video featuring Rosanne Schutz talking about her internship experience at Audit New Zealand.

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Title: My internship at Audit New Zealand – Rosanne Schutz

Rosanne Schutz:

What attracted me to apply for an internship at Audit New Zealand is the work that Audit New Zealand does in improving the performance of the public sector, and that is making a difference for a better future and I wanted to be part of that team in making that difference.

It values your professional development at heart and I think that what is important is to progress through your profession and that's what attracted me as well to apply for the internship program.

The highlight of being an intern here is getting to work with very experienced people and being on that team and also learning from them so that was one of the highlights and also meeting the people at Audit New Zealand was very amazing. The people here were very supportive and I got an awesome buddy and a mentor that ensured that I enjoyed every bit of my internship so that was a highlight of the internship program.

Yeah so I was very fortunate to come back to Audit New Zealand during their busy period to help out. I'm in my last year of uni doing auditing and it's really good to come back and do actual testing, so we are applying what we do at uni and actually doing some work. So that's been really helpful and also been really good in helping me study for my auditing paper.

I look forward to coming back on the graduate programme and become part of the team at Audit New Zealand. So I look forward to getting more experience and to learn more from very experienced colleagues over here and I look forward to starting my profession towards becoming a chartered accountant with the help and support of Audit New Zealand.

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