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Video transcript: Bonar Robertson

Transcript for a video featuring Audit Manager Bonar Robertson talking about working at Audit New Zealand.

Title: Audit New Zealand logo

Bonar Robertson (Audit Manager):

We get given lots of really great opportunities at Audit New Zealand from going and visiting places that the normal New Zealanders can’t go and see, like coming on base, to really fantastic accounting training and auditing training.

So the things that I really love about working for Audit New Zealand is working in a team with people the same age as me, and also all different ages, to get lots of different perspectives. We have a lot of fun when we’re auditing because we’re working in teams.

One of the best things about working for Audit New Zealand is getting to go out and visit our clients. On the New Zealand Defence Force audit, which I’ve been on for four years, [Trentham Camp sign.] I’ve got to go around all the different bases and go and see their ships, go and fly in one of their planes, sit in their helicopters, have a look at their trucks and LAVs. [Shots of army vehicles, including trucks and LAVs.]

This is really interesting because we get to see where the money goes and what it’s actually spent on. [Shots of army vehicles.] They spend a lot of money on inventory which we have to go out and count, which is always a bit more exciting than sitting behind a desk and tapping away on our calculators.

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