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Mari-Anne's story

Mari-Anne Williamson is an Associate Director, based in our Wellington office.

As part of her work, Mari-Anne had a close-up encounter with our native bird.Mari-Anne joined Audit New Zealand in 2010. She had been at Audit Scotland and joined us as an Audit Manager based in the Dunedin office for four years. Mari-Anne was promoted to Associate Director in 2015 and moved to be based in the Wellington office.

She said: “Dunedin is a great place for people with families. It’s got a good education system, it’s a 10-minute drive to the countryside, or to the beach, and only three hours to the ski fields. In a couple of hours you can be in beautiful Central Otago, and an hour to the Catlins area. The scenery is very like Scotland, it’s just on a grander scale.

Mari-Anne says she’s never been homesick since she arrived in New Zealand, living in Dunedin is like being in Scotland. She also said “Being able to order from Marks and Spencer, Debenhams and Next, and get free delivery to New Zealand, helps!”

She thinks a real plus is the shorter commutes – in Dunedin her door to door commute was seven minutes, or eight if there was a traffic jam. She’s now moved to Wellington, and even living in a suburb the commute to the CBD is less than 20 minutes.

She said she saw coming to New Zealand as a chance to experience something different. 

And some things she found different are: the audit tends to focus more on financial statements – it’s a different mandate.  There is a move towards a wider mandate although that’s not going to happen overnight.  

She also said “Opportunities for career progression are good – promotion is based on ability and I progressed to Associate Director after four years as a manager.”

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Mari-Anne Williamson