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Ed and Jade's story

Edward Davison and Jade Schiebler work in our Auckland office.

Jade's version...

Jade Schiebler"We came for what was meant to be a two-year secondment, and eight years later we’re still here. I worked as a public sector auditor for a big four in the UK. I had just qualified and was looking for a new challenge.

"Audit New Zealand is an organisation with experience at taking people from different places in the world and integrating them into the company, but also the country. This helped us a great deal with the move.

"When we first arrived we spent time exploring New Zealand, getting out into the countryside. We live on Auckland’s North Shore, which we think is just beautiful, with open beaches and regional parks."

Ed's version...

Ed Davison"We didn’t know anyone here, but we felt welcomed. Audit New Zealand staff met us at the airport.

"I enjoy the positivity of the people that we’re working with. There’s an organisational mind-set around improving the performance of the public sector. That makes me feel like I’m contributing something.

"Since being in New Zealand, we’ve started a family. There’s flexibility around our working arrangements that allowed us to consider that as a genuine option.

"Technology is a fantastic thing. We spend time on Skype, which is a good way of keeping in touch with family and friends."

Ed and Jade describe what it's like to live and work here, professionally and with a young family.

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