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Amanda's story

Amanda Nicholls is an Audit Manager in our Dunedin office.

Amanda Nicholls"In 2007, I joined Audit New Zealand as an Assistant Auditor 2. Before that, I worked in a private accounting firm. I spent half my time auditing and the other half doing accounting work. I much preferred auditing and I felt it suited my personality better as it got me out of the office, speaking to people, and learning more about my clients over and above the numbers.

"During my time with Audit New Zealand, I’ve worked on almost all of the Dunedin audits. As there are just two Managers in Dunedin and usually about 10 staff, there are lots of chances to put your hand up for extra responsibilities.

"On the job, this means that you get the opportunity to work on a range of clients and sections of the audit, as well as have a lot of face-to-face with your clients. You can also get involved in wider office roles, such as recruitment, organising social events, and presenting at a national level on various topics.

"I really like how Audit New Zealand invests in its people. The training and support I’ve received has enabled me to become a Chartered Accountant. I’ve also worked my way up through the levels to become an Audit Manager.

"The work/life balance at Audit New Zealand has meant that, as a mother, I have good quality time with my two beautiful girls. Being a working mum has improved my time management, organisational skills, and patience! It’s also handy to be able to relate to clients about life outside of work."